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Dubai Launches Innovative Call Centre for Young Explorers: A Gateway to Immigration Knowledge

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In a groundbreaking move, Dubai has unveiled a new call centre dedicated to young minds, offering a unique platform for children aged 7 to 12 to engage directly with immigration officials. This initiative is not only a testament to Dubai’s commitment to educational outreach but also marks a significant step in making bureaucratic processes more accessible and engaging for younger generations.

Empowering Young Minds with Immigration Knowledge

Most importantly, this call centre is more than just a query-handling platform. It symbolizes Dubai’s innovative approach to governance and education. By facilitating direct communication between children and immigration officials, the centre enables young inquirers to gain firsthand knowledge about visas, passport renewals, and travel procedures. This initiative empowers children with information, nurturing their curiosity and understanding of global mobility.

Moreover, the service is an extension of the existing children-focused facilities at Dubai International Airport, which include dedicated passport control counters for young travelers. This continuity in catering to the needs of young passengers exemplifies Dubai’s holistic approach to enhancing travel experiences for all ages.

The call centre operates 24/7, accessible both within the UAE and internationally, ensuring that young minds have the opportunity to explore and understand the world of travel and immigration regardless of their location. This is particularly significant, considering the diverse and globalized community that Dubai hosts.

A Step Towards Inclusive Governance

The initiative is not just about providing information; it’s about listening to the younger generation. Lt Col Khalil I. Mohamed, head of the customer wellbeing section at GDRFA, emphasizes that interacting with children also opens avenues for authorities to gather insights on how to further improve their services. This approach demonstrates a significant shift towards inclusive governance, where even the youngest members of society have a voice and can contribute to the development of public services.


In conclusion, Dubai’s new call centre for children represents a novel blend of education, governance, and customer service. It stands as a testament to the city’s forward-thinking leadership and its commitment to creating a supportive environment for its youngest residents and visitors. As this initiative unfolds, it will undoubtedly inspire other cities globally to adopt similar child-centric approaches in public service.

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