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Dubai launches Dh689 million Hessa Street revamp to ease congestion 

UAE Times Now

The primary congestion-cutting drive will expand the highway to four lanes in each direction.

Transforming One of Dubai’s Busiest Routes

Dubai’s transportation authorities are embarking on a significant Dh689 million project to revamp Hessa Street, with the goal of reducing congestion, shortening travel times, and enhancing safety on this vital route.

RTA Takes the Lead

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Sunday that it has been awarded the contract to oversee the Hessa Street Improvement Project. This initiative is part of Dubai’s broader commitment to fortify its road infrastructure network.

Expanding Capacity and Connectivity

The project’s primary focus is to expand Hessa Street to four lanes in each direction, effectively adding 4.5 kilometers of road. Additionally, four junctions will be developed to streamline traffic flow.

Serving a Growing Population

The revamped Hessa Street will not only alleviate congestion but also accommodate the needs of residential areas housing approximately 640,000 residents. This expansion is crucial to supporting Dubai’s rapidly growing population.

Pedestrian and Cyclist-Friendly

In a nod to sustainable transportation, the project includes the creation of a 13.5-kilometer cycling path. Two bridges will also be constructed to facilitate safe pedestrian and cyclist crossings over Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Street.

A Boost to Road Infrastructure

Dubai Media Office and the RTA jointly revealed the details of this congestion-alleviating endeavor. The project reflects Dubai’s commitment to enhancing its road infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the emirate’s residents and visitors, ensuring smoother and safer journeys for all.

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