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Dubai Japanese School Champions ‘Souji’ for Holistic Education

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Cultivating Values Through Tradition: A Unique Cleaning Custom Teaches More Than Just Tidiness

At the heart of Dubai, the Japanese School stands as a beacon of traditional values through ‘souji’, the practice of cleaning taught to students. Unlike conventional education systems, this school integrates cleaning as part of the daily routine, imparting life lessons that go beyond academics. The chairman, Koichi Yokoyama, believes in the profound impact of ‘souji’ on developing character, instilling values of hard work, modesty, and teamwork.

This initiative isn’t just about keeping the school premises clean; it’s a cultural immersion that teaches students respect for their environment and community. It also aligns with the school’s dedication to sustainability, highlighting the importance of quality education over materialism. Through this practice, the Dubai Japanese School is molding a generation that appreciates the value of labor, the significance of a shared responsibility, and the essence of living harmoniously with others.

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