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Dubai introduces star ratings for fitness centers citywide

Dubai Sports Council will reveal a star rating soon after concluding fitness center visits.

Dubai Sports Council will reveal a star rating soon after concluding fitness center visits. 


Dubai is taking a significant step in promoting health and wellness by implementing a star rating system for all fitness centers across the city. 

Following a thorough review of gyms and sports clubs, these establishments will now receive star ratings based on various criteria.

Comprehensive Assessment

The star ratings will cover multiple aspects, including cleanliness, quality of equipment, personal training services, classes, and more. This comprehensive assessment aims to provide residents and visitors with valuable insights into the city’s fitness facilities.

Rating System

Fitness centers will be evaluated and rated on a scale of one to five stars, reflecting their overall quality and the range of services they offer.

Promoting Quality and Transparency

This initiative is a significant move to promote quality and transparency within the fitness industry in Dubai. It will enable individuals to make informed choices when selecting a fitness center, based on their specific needs and preferences.

Enhancing the Fitness Experience

The introduction of star ratings not only benefits consumers but also encourages fitness centers to continually improve their offerings, striving for excellence in terms of facilities, services, and cleanliness.

Dubai’s decision to implement a star rating system for fitness centers underscores the city’s commitment to promoting health and well-being and ensuring that residents and visitors have access to high-quality fitness facilities. This move is expected to elevate the fitness experience in the city.

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