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Dubai Introduces New Law Requiring Distinct Emblem Reflecting Its Values

Dubai has enacted a new law requiring the design of a defining emblem that represents the emirate's values and principles.

Dubai has introduced a new law that mandates the creation of a distinct emblem that encapsulates the emirate’s values and principles. 

This emblem is now the exclusive property of Dubai and is protected by Law Number 17 of 2023 and its accompanying regulations.

The Significance of the Emblem: 

The newly established emblem is set to become a symbol of identity and values for the emirate of Dubai. It carries the weight of official recognition and is intended to mirror the core principles that define the emirate.

The emblem will be in various aspects of Dubai’s official and public life. It can be employed within government facilities, on official documents and websites, and during formal events. 

Private entities may also utilize the emblem, but only after obtaining prior approval from Dubai’s Ruler or his designated representative.

Legal Penalties for Unauthorized Usage:

Dubai’s new law introduces stringent consequences for improper emblem use. Violators may face imprisonment ranging from three months to five years.

In addition, fines ranging from Dh100,000 to Dh500,000 can be imposed on those disregarding the law’s regulations.

Individuals and entities must swiftly adapt to the new regulations. 

Those using the emblem without proper authorization must cease its use within 30 days unless they secure prior approval for an extension. 

Exceptions are made for government entities and those granted specific permission to utilize the emblem.

Execution of the New Law:

The Chairman of Dubai’s Ruler Court is tasked with issuing the necessary decisions to ensure the effective implementation of the law. It is set to take effect from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Dubai’s new law introducing a distinct emblem signifies the emirate’s commitment to upholding its unique identity and values. 

With stringent regulations, the emblem becomes a symbol of official recognition, safeguarded by legal measures that ensure its proper usage.

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