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Dubai International Chamber Spearheads Global Expansion for Dubai-Based Electric Vehicle Companies

Dubai International Chamber Spearheads Global Expansion for Dubai-Based Electric Vehicle Companies

In a significant move towards promoting sustainable mobility solutions, the Dubai International Chamber, a key player under Dubai Chambers, has facilitated the global expansion of two prominent Dubai-based electric vehicle (EV) companies. This strategic endeavor marks a milestone in the growing demand for innovative EV solutions worldwide, particularly in the two-wheeled EV sector.

The chamber played a pivotal role in fostering a strategic partnership between ONE MOTO and Global Synergy Trading DWC LLC, two prominent entities in the EV and international trade domains, respectively. The collaboration resulted in the establishment of ONE-MOTO Technologies Private Limited, aimed at managing joint overseas operations in the burgeoning two-wheeled EV sector, with a specific focus on the Indian market.

Mohammad Ali Rashed Lootah, President and CEO of Dubai Chambers, expressed the chamber’s commitment to exploring emerging opportunities in global markets for Dubai-based businesses. He emphasized the chamber’s dedication to facilitating impactful partnerships that leverage Dubai’s expertise on the global stage, thereby propelling economic development and reinforcing Dubai’s status as a leading global hub for opportunities and growth.

Adam Ridgway, Founder and CEO of ONE MOTO, lauded the instrumental role played by Dubai Chambers in facilitating ONE MOTO’s international expansion. He highlighted the significance of the partnership with Global Synergy Trading, underscoring its potential to advance business activities in key global markets.

Naveen D. Egbert, CEO of Global Synergy Trading, expressed gratitude to Dubai International Chamber for their effective support, stressing the partnership’s role in providing environmentally friendly and cost-effective transportation solutions. He reiterated Global Energy Trading’s commitment to diversifying its business portfolio to contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

The Dubai International Chamber has been instrumental in propelling ONE MOTO’s growth trajectory, with its representative offices in Latin America facilitating the company’s expansion into several markets across the region. Notably, the chamber’s international office in Argentina facilitated a significant partnership between ONE MOTO and Santiago Motors in Chile, culminating in a nationwide sales deal that will see the distribution of ONE MOTO’s electric vehicles across Chile’s national sales network.

Serial entrepreneur Adam Ridgway initiated ONE MOTO in Dubai with a vision to decarbonize mobility in both commercial and personal sectors. With a notable presence in various countries including the United Kingdom, Bahrain, Jordan, Sri Lanka, and beyond, ONE MOTO continues to expand its global footprint, driving sustainable mobility solutions across diverse markets.

The Dubai International Chamber’s steadfast support underscores Dubai’s commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in the global EV market, paving the way for a cleaner and more efficient future in mobility.

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