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Dubai International Boat Show Highlights Shift Towards Sustainable and Family-Friendly Yachting

Dubai International Boat Show Highlights Shift Towards Sustainable and Family-Friendly Yachting

Dubai International Boat Show, held at Dubai Harbour, witnesses a surge in interest for eco-friendly and family-oriented yachting experiences. The event, showcasing over 1,000 brands and 200 boats, reflects a growing trend in the maritime industry towards sustainability and privacy.

The demand for sustainability in luxury yachts is on the rise, with potential buyers prioritizing environmentally friendly features. Abeer Alshaali, Deputy Managing Director of Gulf Craft, notes that consumers are increasingly interested in sustainable solutions due to regulatory pressures and heightened environmental awareness. Manufacturers are responding by incorporating eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient designs, such as onboard carpets made from recycled fishing wire.

Moreover, privacy has emerged as a significant concern among yacht buyers, with a trend towards creating a homely environment onboard. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals are seeking quality time with family and comfortable living spaces. Yachts are now viewed as extensions of home environments, offering a sanctuary on the water.

The Dubai International Boat Show also sheds light on changing consumer demographics in the yachting industry. Superyacht clients are often individuals who grew up with a boating background and can now afford larger vessels. Additionally, there is a growing interest among investors looking to capitalize on the luxury yacht market. While some owners use their yachts for personal leisure, many opt to charter them out for additional income.

Michel Torbey, a sales representative for yacht manufacturers Sanlorenzo, highlights the trend towards longer cruise times and larger vessels. Yacht owners are increasingly embarking on week-long or 10-day voyages, seeking spacious accommodations for extended family excursions. Despite the hefty price tag associated with luxury yachts, estimated at least €30 million, demand remains strong among adventure-seekers and luxury enthusiasts.

The allure of adventure remains a driving factor for many yacht buyers, especially younger generations. Michel Antoun, a sales representative with Grande Marine Ships and Boats Trading, emphasizes that while sustainability is a growing concern, individuals still crave luxury and excitement on the open seas. Yachting continues to represent the epitome of exploration and leisure for enthusiasts worldwide.

The Dubai International Boat Show serves as a testament to the evolving preferences and priorities within the maritime industry. With an emphasis on sustainability, privacy, and family-oriented experiences, yacht manufacturers are adapting to meet the changing needs of discerning consumers. As the demand for eco-friendly and homely yachting experiences continues to grow, the industry is poised for further innovation and transformation.

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