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“Dubai International Airport Alerts on Lost Luggage Scams”

Dubai International Airport Alerts on Lost Baggage Scams

“DXB’s Proactive Measures Against Social Media Luggage Scam Rings”

Dubai International Airport (DXB) has issued a scam alert to passengers, cautioning against fraudulent social media profiles claiming to sell lost luggage. DXB has confirmed that these profiles have no affiliation with its official services.

The luggage system at Dubai International Airport is a marvel of efficiency, kicking into gear 180 minutes before departure. Checked bags are kept in an automated storage until they begin their journey on a yellow tray system, undergoing multiple security checks. Bags zip through the system, reaching speeds even faster than the passenger trains, ensuring they’re loaded onto the correct flight. In case of missing luggage, passengers must report it at the baggage services desk, where they’ll receive a unique reference number for tracking. Once located, arrangements for delivery are made with the passenger.

The Dubai International Airport has a robust baggage handling system, ensuring that lost items are securely stored and managed. Travelers with lost baggage can report and claim their items through DXB’s official channels, which include customer service desks and the airport’s official website. DXB advises travelers to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to airport authorities immediately.

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