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“Dubai Industrial City’s F&B Sector Flourishes, Driving Regional Manufacturing Growth”

Dubai Industrial City's F&B Sector Flourishes, Driving Regional Manufacturing Growth

Dubai Industrial City Reports 15% Growth in F&B Customers, Strengthening Regional Manufacturing and Circular Economy in 2023

In 2023, Dubai Industrial City witnessed a significant 15% growth in F&B customers, marking robust annual progress in advancing manufacturing and the circular economy regionally. With 12 new F&B customers investing AED 800 million, the district emerges as a pivotal hub for food innovation and production. This growth, revealed during Gulfood 2024, underscores Dubai Industrial City’s commitment to fostering a sustainable and competitive F&B sector. As part of TECOM Group PJSC’s strategic business destinations, Dubai Industrial City continues to drive progress in various economic sectors, positioning itself as a global leader in advanced manufacturing.

The district’s comprehensive ecosystem supports over 1,000 local, regional, and global manufacturing leaders, with the F&B sector showcasing notable investments and innovations. Among the prominent exhibitors at Gulfood 2024 are industry giants like Patchi, Al Barakah Dates, and Barakat Quality Plus, reflecting the district’s pivotal role in promoting food security through advanced manufacturing practices. With more than 300 operational factories and a dedicated F&B zone spanning 23.5 million sq.ft., Dubai Industrial City provides the infrastructure necessary to support sustainable production and resource conservation. This includes industrial lands, storage facilities, and cold-storage spaces, facilitating advanced agricultural practices and enhancing national socioeconomic objectives.

Underpinning Dubai Industrial City’s success is its connectivity to critical transportation networks, including roadways, airports, ports, and rail terminals. This strategic positioning strengthens the supply chain for F&B customers, ensuring efficient logistics and distribution. The district’s partnership with A.P. Moller – Maersk, which inaugurated its first cold store in the UAE at Dubai Industrial City, exemplifies the commitment to safeguarding perishables and enhancing operational integrity.

Moreover, Dubai Industrial City’s Make Brilliance global awareness campaign, launched in collaboration with the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, highlights the pivotal role of mobility in bolstering food security. This campaign aligns with national initiatives like the Dubai Economic Agenda ‘D33’, Operation 300bn, and the National Food Security Strategy 2051, demonstrating the district’s dedication to supporting sustainable development goals and enhancing food security for future generations.

As one of the region’s largest manufacturing and logistics hubs, Dubai Industrial City continues to drive innovation and sustainability in the F&B sector. With its sector-focused masterplan and commitment to excellence, the district remains at the forefront of advancing manufacturing practices and promoting economic growth in the UAE and beyond.

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