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Dubai Hotels Experience Soaring Bookings Ahead of Festive Season

Hotel bookings for the impending Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations have increased, according to industry experts in Dubai.

Industry executives in Dubai are reporting a surge in hotel bookings for the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. 

Many hotels have already reached 75% of their bookings for the festive season, and experts predict they will reach full occupancy, reaching 100%, by the middle of next month.

High Demand and Limited Availability:

A search revealed that 80% of places are unavailable during Christmas, and 88% are booked for New Year’s Eve. This high demand is a testament to Dubai’s popularity as a holiday destination.

Dubai has seen a significant increase in tourist numbers, surpassing pre-pandemic figures by reaching 12.4 million visitors during January-September 2023. Industry players expect 2023 to set new records in terms of reservations.

Global Appeal and Diverse Market:

Bookings for the festive season are pouring in from various countries, with a strong demand from the domestic market. 

The United Kingdom, Germany, Scandinavia, Saudi Arabia, and India are among the countries contributing significantly to the bookings. 

Prominent European and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) markets, including France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, drive most of the bookings.

Dubai’s Unique Attractions and Global Recognition:

Dubai’s unique attractions and the efforts of the Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) have made it one of the world’s top travel destinations. 

The city’s global appeal attracts guests worldwide, especially during the festive seasons.

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