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Dubai Gets Decked Out in the UAE Flag’s Vibrant Colors

The UAE flag's brilliant colours - red, green, white, and black - are taking over Dubai as the nation prepares for Flag Day on November 3.

The vibrant colors of the UAE flag – red, green, white, and black – are taking over Dubai as the nation eagerly awaits Flag Day on November 3. 

Souqs, supermarkets, and grocery stores in the city have transformed into displays of patriotism, showcasing over 200 items featuring the national flag’s colors.

A Diverse Range of Flag-Inspired Items:

Residents and shoppers entering these stores are greeted with a diverse range of flag-inspired items that cater to daily needs. 

From keychains and mugs to caps, dresses, and t-shirts, there’s a wide selection that not only reflects national pride but also provides a way for people to celebrate their identity.

A Call to Raise the Flag High:

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has called upon ministries, government departments, and institutions to proudly raise the country’s flag on November 3. 

This call has inspired Emiratis and expatriates to embrace the spirit of Flag Day and express their love for the nation.

High Demand for Flag-Inspired Merchandise:

Salespersons at supermarkets have noted that items with flag colors, especially flags themselves, are in high demand during the lead-up to Flag Day. 

Customized flags of various sizes are available, ranging from smaller flags to larger ones measuring over 15 meters long.

Special Flag Day Section at Night to Night:

One supermarket in Al Nahda, Night to Night, has dedicated a special section to celebrate Flag Day. 

This exclusive area offers a diverse range of more than 200 items, including stationery, clothing, accessories, and decorations, all in the vibrant colors of the UAE flag.

As Flag Day approaches, Dubai is awash with patriotic displays, a testament to the nation’s strong pride and unity.

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