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Dubai Fitness Challenge 2023: Kite Beach Village Takes Center Stage

The Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) is in full swing, with numerous free fitness courses and activities available throughout the city.

The Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) is in full swing, offering many free fitness classes and activities throughout the city. 

With three fitness villages, 26 community hubs, and hundreds of free classes, residents have ample opportunities to embrace an active lifestyle.

Kite Beach Fitness Village: Bigger and Better:

Kite Beach has long been a focal point for DFC activities, and this year, it’s back with a bang. 

The Kite Beach fitness village, now larger and more vibrant than ever, kicked off its activities with many new offerings for participants.

Cricket Pitch: 

For the first time, the Kite Beach fitness village features an enclosed cricket pitch on its sandy shores. Gather your friends for an exhilarating cricket match or join fellow cricket enthusiasts from the village for a game at the DP World Cricket Zone. Be sure to pre-book two-hour slots for your cricketing adventures.


The arcade offers a world of virtual challenges. Race cars, practice cricket bowling, or test your reaction time—all through immersive simulations. Additionally, there’s a zone where visitors can fine-tune their golf swing skills.

3. Padbol: 

Padbol, a sport that combines elements of volleyball, football, paddle tennis, and squash, has been gaining popularity in the UAE. 

Now, you can try your hand at this unique game on the Padbol court at Kite Village.


Embrace the childlike joy of bouncing on trampolines at the Bounce trampoline park at Kite Village. This fun activity is suitable for both children and adults. Remember to wear closed shoes to gain entry.

Sports Court: 

The Sports Court is the place to be for basketball and football enthusiasts. Sharpen your skills by shooting hoops or netting goals. 

While the court is open to all, it’s advisable to make bookings. Additionally, there’s an opportunity to participate in the Manchester City Football School, held at the court every Saturday.

The Kite Beach fitness village at the Dubai Fitness Challenge is a hub of excitement, offering a diverse range of activities to inspire fitness enthusiasts and bring the community together in the spirit of health and well-being. Join the fun and make the most of this fantastic fitness extravaganza!

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