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Dubai Ferry: The Stress-Free Choice for Dubai-Sharjah Residents

The Dubai Ferry provides residents travelling between Dubai and Sharjah with a convenient and stress-free alternative to driving.

Residents traveling between Dubai and Sharjah have found a convenient and stress-free alternative to road travel by choosing the Dubai Ferry. 

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai resumed the operation of this marine transportation line on August 4, following a temporary suspension during the pandemic.

Commuting Made Easy:

Suleiman Ibrahim, a spice and dry fruit trader residing in Sharjah, is just one of many who have embraced the Dubai Ferry for their daily commute. 

His journey from the Al Khan neighborhood to Deira in Dubai consumed over three hours daily by bus or car. Since opting for the ferry in September, he has saved two hours of travel time and more than Dh50 per day. 

Given his frequent travel between the two emirates, this translates to significant monthly savings of up to Dh1,000.

A Productive and Peaceful Ride:

Businessman Ardashir is another advocate for the ferry service. He finds the ride peaceful and utilizes the travel time to conduct business, interacting with clients and employees. 

This approach not only saves time but also makes the commute more productive.

Financial Savings During Events:

Residents have noted substantial financial savings, particularly during major events like Gitex and Gulf Food in Dubai. 

By opting for the ferry, commuters reduce fuel costs and eliminate the need for expensive parking in Dubai, where fees can be as high as Dh250 in places like the World Trade Centre. 

According to businessman Ahmed, choosing the ferry during such events can save Dh350 a day and three hours on the commute.

Convenient Schedules:

The Dubai Ferry operates on convenient schedules throughout the week. On weekdays, there are morning departures from Sharjah and evening departures from Dubai. 

On weekends, the ferry offers six journeys, with multiple departure times from both sides, making it a flexible and attractive commuting option for residents.

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