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Dubai Emerges as a New Wealth Management Hub for Asian Investors

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The Shift in Wealth Management Dynamics

In recent years, Dubai has become a significant destination for wealth managers from Asia. This development reflects a broader shift in the global wealth management landscape, driven by several key factors:

  1. Diplomatic and Economic Factors: The growing relationship between China and the Middle East, particularly in the context of Beijing’s strained ties with Washington, has played a critical role. Issues spanning trade, technology, human rights, and Taiwan have pushed many Chinese entrepreneurs to explore opportunities in the Middle East​​.
  2. Strategic Business Advantages: Dubai offers a combination of post-COVID economic rebound, a politically neutral stance, ease of doing business, convenient time zones, and tax-free status. These factors are particularly appealing to wealthy individuals and businesses seeking geographic diversification​​.
  3. Incentives by the UAE: The introduction of initiatives like the ‘golden visa’ system and the launch of a ‘family wealth center’ in Dubai are tailored to address the needs of wealthy individuals and businesses, aiding in cultural integration and governance​​.
  4. The Shift from Traditional Hubs: Historically, Hong Kong and Singapore have been the preferred offshore wealth hubs in Asia. However, there’s a growing trend among clients to diversify into new markets, including the Middle East, to access fresh investment opportunities​​.
  5. Increasing High Net Worth Individuals in the Middle East: Despite a global decline in the number of high net worth individuals (HNWI), the Middle East has seen an increase. In 2022, the UAE recorded the highest net inflow of millionaires globally, a trend that continued into 2023​​.

Wealth Management Firms Making the Move

  • Noah Holdings: This top Chinese wealth manager plans to establish its presence in Dubai, reflecting its strategy to follow client wealth growth and serve the burgeoning Chinese entrepreneurial community in the region​​.
  • Western Wealth Managers: Firms like Swiss private bank Lombard Odier are also expanding in the Middle East to tap into the growing population of rich individuals and expatriates​​.
  • Other Asian Firms: Singapore-based Farro Capital and Hong Kong-based Landmark Family Office have either established or are planning to set up offices in Dubai. Their objective is to assist clients from various regions, including China, Southeast Asia, and Australia, in finding investment opportunities in the Middle East​​.


Dubai’s ascent as a wealth management hub is a testament to its strategic positioning and the UAE’s proactive policies. The city’s allure is magnified by its business-friendly environment, robust financial infrastructure, and the rising wealth in the Middle East. This trend is set to continue, with more Asian wealth managers recognizing Dubai as a vibrant and promising destination for wealth management.

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