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Dubai Embraces Technology: A 13% Increase in Smart Police Station Users

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Revolutionizing Law Enforcement with Technology

In a significant development for the UAE’s law enforcement, Dubai has recorded a 13% increase in the usage of Smart Police Stations (SPS) in 2023. This rise signifies a growing trend towards technology-driven policing solutions in the region. The SPS, an innovative concept introduced by Dubai Police, are unmanned stations that have revolutionized the way police services are offered to the public.

The Growth of Smart Policing

In 2023, the Smart Police Stations in Dubai handled a total of 121,986 transactions, a considerable increase from the 107,719 transactions recorded in 2022. This uptick is a clear indication of the public’s growing acceptance and reliance on these technologically advanced stations. Major General Ali Ahmad Ghanim of Dubai Police highlighted the importance of SPS in providing efficient and hassle-free police services to the citizens, residents, and visitors of Dubai.

These state-of-the-art facilities are the world’s only unmanned police stations, equipped to handle a range of services without the physical presence of a police officer. The services offered include permit requests, addressing criminal matters, and managing traffic concerns. One of the most notable features of these stations is the ability to file a criminal report through a remote, video call interface with multilingual investigative officers.

Locations and Language Accessibility

The 22 unmanned police stations are strategically located across Dubai, including at Arabian Ranches, La Mer, City Walk, Al Seef, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Palm Jumeirah, and other key locations. The accessibility of these stations is further enhanced by the availability of services in seven languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, and Chinese. This wide range of language options ensures that a vast majority of Dubai’s diverse population can easily access police services.

Implications for the Future of Policing

The success and increased usage of Smart Police Stations in Dubai mark a significant shift in the landscape of law enforcement services. By embracing technology, Dubai Police are not only enhancing the efficiency of their operations but are also improving the accessibility and convenience of police services for the public. This model of smart policing is likely to inspire similar initiatives globally, as other countries and cities look towards Dubai as a benchmark for innovation in law enforcement.

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