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Dubai Duty Free Receives Dual Honors at the Frontier Awards in Cannes

Dubai Duty Free received recognition at the renowned Frontier Awards, which were held at the landmark Carlton Hotel in Cannes, France.

Dubai Duty Free earned accolades at the prestigious Frontier Awards at the iconic Carlton Hotel in Cannes, France. 

This remarkable achievement underscores the commitment to excellence within the travel retail industry.

‘People & Planet: Diversity & Inclusion Champion’ Award:

One of the awards presented to Dubai Duty Free was the “People & Planet: Diversity & Inclusion Champion” award. 

This recognition highlights the company’s dedicated efforts to champion diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. 

The organization’s commitment to offering equal opportunities and investing in its workforce’s overall well-being and development was celebrated.

‘Frontier Pioneer Award’ for Colm McLoughlin:

Colm McLoughlin, the Executive Vice Chairman & CEO of Dubai Duty Free, was honored with the “Frontier Pioneer Award.” 

This prestigious award acknowledges his pioneering leadership over four decades at the helm of Dubai Duty Free. 

Colm McLoughlin’s long-standing dedication to the company’s success and his influential leadership were celebrated through this award.

‘Oscars of the Travel Retail Industry’:

The Frontier Awards, often called ‘the Oscars of the travel retail industry,’ were presented to Dubai Duty Free to recognize their innovation, creativity, and excellence in the travel retail sector. 

The awards ceremony included the annual Tax Free World Association (TFWA) Conference and Exhibition.

Colm McLoughlin expressed his gratitude for the awards and acknowledged the hard work and dedication of the entire team at Dubai Duty Free. 

He highlighted the significance of winning the inaugural “Frontier Pioneer Award,” commemorating his 40 years of service at the organization.

A Testament to Success:

With this recognition, Dubai Duty Free is marking the beginning of its 40th Anniversary celebrations. 

The company continues to focus on its employees and customers while running a successful retail operation.

Over the years, Dubai Duty Free has received twenty-one Frontier Awards since 1985. These awards include Airport Retailer of the Year, Marketing Campaign of the Year, and various special category awards, including personal accolades for Colm McLoughlin.

Distinguished Panel of Judges:

The awards were selected by a panel of judges representing top industry leaders across the travel retail sector. They evaluated numerous entries from around the world to select the deserving winners.

The event was attended by senior Dubai Duty Free officials, including Ramesh Cidambi (COO), Sinead El Sibai (SVP- Marketing), Mona Al Ali (SVP – HR), Michael Schmidt (SVP – Retail), and Sharon Beecham (SVP – Purchasing). 

This collective effort of the Dubai Duty Free team was instrumental in achieving this remarkable recognition.

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