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Dubai Duty Free Receives ‘Best Global Duty Free Award’ at the Burj CEO Awards

Dubai Duty Free received the prestigious 'Best Global Duty Free Award' at the Burj CEO Awards, which were hosted in Europe.

Dubai Duty Free, known for its unwavering commitment to delivering a world-class retail experience, was honored with the prestigious ‘Best Global Duty Free Award’ at the Burj CEO Awards held in Europe. The accolade acknowledged the company’s exceptional performance in airport retailing.

The Award Ceremony and Presentation:

Dr. Tariq Nizami, the Founder and CEO of CEO Clubs Network Worldwide, personally presented the award to the Dubai Duty Free executive team. Colm McLoughlin, the Executive Vice Chairman & CEO, led the delegation that received the award at the company’s head office in Dubai.

Celebrating Remarkable Achievements:

The Burj CEO Awards, now in its 6th edition, recognized outstanding individuals and organizations across over 50 categories. 

Dubai Duty Free’s enduring legacy and its role in setting the global benchmark for airport retailing over four decades earned it the title ‘Best Global Duty Free.’

Medal of Honour for Dubai Duty Free Leadership:

In addition to the ‘Best Global Duty Free Award,’ Colm McLoughlin and Ramesh Cidambi, the company’s COO, were presented with a Medal of Honour from the CEO Clubs Network Worldwide, acknowledging their exceptional contributions to the industry.

Colm McLoughlin expressed his delight at receiving the ‘Best Global Duty Free Award’ and emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering a world-class retail experience to customers. 

He recognized the award as a testament to their dedication and achievements.

Global Recognition and Times Square Display:

To commemorate Dubai Duty Free’s recent win, the company’s 40th-anniversary logo was showcased on a digital screen in New York’s iconic Times Square on October 30th, further solidifying its global recognition.

The Burj CEO Awards is an annual global business award ceremony hosted in various countries since its inception in 2016. 

It serves as a platform to honor excellence in the business world and offers opportunities for networking, sharing knowledge, and discussing future trends and challenges.

A Platform for Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration:

In addition to the award ceremony, the Burj CEO Summit allows awardees and delegates to discuss best practices, future trends, and challenges in the business landscape. 

It promotes networking and collaboration opportunities for business leaders and professionals.

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