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Dubai Diwali Delight: Extended Festivities and Grand Celebrations

The Dubai Jewellery Group is enticing consumers with up to 50% off a special Diwali collection, as well as the opportunity to win a whopping Dh150,000 in jewellery.

While Diwali may have concluded, the festive spirit resonates in Dubai with ongoing deals, prizes, and dining discounts, providing residents ample opportunities to continue celebrating the Festival of Lights.

Jewellery Deals and Prizes:

The Dubai Jewellery Group is enticing shoppers with up to 50% off on a special Diwali collection, with a chance to win a staggering Dh150,000 worth of jewelry. 

Thirty fortunate winners will each receive Dh5,000. Various malls, electronic retailers, and jewelry shops across the city are also offering enticing deals and discounts.

Culinary Delights and Gold Coin Giveaways:

Leading aggregators in the city are offering residents the opportunity to win gold coins worth Dh30,000 during the festive season. 

Renowned restaurants present special menus, and Global Village hosts diverse traditional Indian street food until November 16.

Diwali holds immense significance in Dubai’s multicultural community, fostering unity and cultural interactions. 

According to Mohammed Feras Arayqat, Associate Vice President at DFRE, the city embraces diversity and recognizes Diwali’s appeal to residents and visitors.

Growing Importance of Diwali in Dubai:

Mohammed highlighted that Diwali celebrations in Dubai have grown significantly in recent years, becoming one of the most anticipated events on the city’s calendar. 

The focus is creating culturally enriching activities, including the Festival of Lights, Diwali-themed menus, exclusive discounts, raffles, and family-friendly events.

Inclusive and Respectful Celebrations:

The city’s approach to Diwali is rooted in respect for different traditions and cultural sensitivities. 

The aim is to create engaging and visually appealing events that resonate with Dubai’s multicultural audience, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

Creating Unforgettable Memories:

Mohammed emphasized the goal of creating meaningful and respectful campaigns that connect genuinely with people, leaving them with unforgettable memories of the festival. 

He admired Diwali’s ability to unite people from diverse backgrounds in celebration, with the added delight of delicious food.

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