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Dubai Customs Unveils 11 Diverse Community Initiatives for Ramadan

Dubai Customs Unveils 11 Diverse Community Initiatives for Ramadan

Dubai Customs has reaffirmed its commitment to community service with the launch of 11 innovative initiatives during the holy month of Ramadan. This announcement underscores the department’s dedication to supporting various societal groups and its workforce.

Throughout Ramadan, Dubai Customs will orchestrate a wide array of activities and charitable projects aimed at addressing different aspects of social responsibility and volunteerism. These initiatives are designed to benefit a diverse range of individuals, including needy families, elderly citizens, laborers, clients, and orphans, while also featuring special engagements for employees.

One of the key initiatives involves the distribution of iftar meals to road users, a tradition that has now been expanded to include elderly citizens through a collaboration with Dhakar Club. This initiative not only provides essential sustenance but also fosters dialogue and appreciation for the invaluable contributions of the elderly to society.

In addition to these charitable efforts, Dubai Customs will distribute 30,000 meals during Ramadan, organize Ramadan suhoor for clients, offer daily prizes on the Sama Dubai channel’s “Mandous” program, host collective iftars for new Muslims with the Islamic Information Center, and arrange religious lectures throughout the month.

Khalil Saqer bin Gharib, Director of Corporate Communication Department at Dubai Customs, emphasized the strategic commitment of the department to supporting community initiatives. By reinforcing values of benevolence and social responsibility, Dubai Customs aims to make a comprehensive impact on society. Over the past year, the department has executed 175 initiatives benefiting 238,000 individuals from all segments of society. These efforts have resulted in an impressive 98% community happiness rate, as revealed by a comprehensive study conducted across all segments.

Dubai Customs’ dedication to community service during Ramadan exemplifies its role as a leader in implementing diverse initiatives that positively impact society. Through these initiatives, the department continues to uphold its commitment to the welfare of the community and its workforce, embodying the spirit of compassion and solidarity during the holy month.

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