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Dubai Customs Intercepts Smuggled ‘Black Magic’ Items, Including Live Snake

Dubai Customs Intercepts Smuggled 'Black Magic' Items, Including Live Snake

Dubai Customs officers at Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 thwarted an attempt to smuggle contraband linked to black magic and sorcery. The incident occurred when a traveller arriving from an African country was found with illicit items concealed in his bag. Among the discovered items were a live snake, a monkey’s hand, talismans, eggs wrapped with cotton, a dead bird, and pieces of animal skin inscribed with unusual symbols.

Khalid Ahmed, the senior manager of Terminal 1 at the passenger operations department at Dubai Customs, revealed that inspectors grew suspicious of the traveller’s behavior and decided to conduct a thorough search of his luggage. Their investigation uncovered the hidden contraband, carefully wrapped and concealed among his clothes. In addition to the snake and other peculiar items, customs officials also found pieces of paper and talismans, along with a piece of animal skin adorned with unusual symbols.

Upon discovery, the confiscated items were handed over to Dubai’s Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department and Islamic Department for further examination. Officials confirmed that the items were intended for use in black magic rituals.

According to Article 316 of the UAE’s penal code, practicing black magic or attempting to smuggle sorcery-related items is illegal and punishable by law. Individuals caught smuggling such objects can face imprisonment or fines.

Khalid Ahmed emphasized the danger of using such items for black magic and deceiving others. He reiterated that all travellers’ bags undergo thorough X-ray screenings to detect prohibited items, including those associated with sorcery or black magic.

This incident underscores Dubai Customs’ commitment to maintaining airport security and preventing the trafficking of illegal items. In recent years, the authorities have seized various black magic-related items at Dubai International Airport, including metal pieces, animal skins, black magic books, worry beads, bags containing fish skeletons, rings, nails, bones, and blood. Between 2018 and 2020 alone, more than 68 kilograms of such contraband were intercepted by customs officers.

The interception of these illicit items reflects the vigilance and diligence of Dubai Customs in safeguarding the community from harmful practices and illegal activities. The successful operation serves as a reminder of the importance of stringent security measures at airports to combat smuggling and ensure public safety.

Dubai Customs urges travellers to adhere to the law and refrain from attempting to transport prohibited items, including those associated with black magic or sorcery. The authorities remain vigilant in their efforts to combat illicit activities and maintain the integrity of the country’s borders.

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