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Dubai: Cost-Effective School Rides Service via Careem App

The RTA and the ride-hailing app Careem collaborated to launch the School Rides service in Dubai.

To address the challenges faced by parents with traditional school transport, Dubai introduced the School Rides service, a collaboration between the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the ride-hailing platform Careem. 

The innovative service aims to offer a more cost-effective and efficient alternative for students’ commutes.

Affordable Transportation Packages: 

Parents can opt for prepaid packages starting at Dh500 for 40 rides, with pricing structured based on the distance between home and school. 

Packages provide flexibility and cost savings, with rates increasing according to the distance covered. The service caters to school students and individuals like university students seeking a convenient and budget-friendly commuting solution.

Positive Experiences and Significant Time Savings:

Users of the School Rides service express satisfaction with its cost-effectiveness and efficiency. One parent, frustrated with traditional school buses’ high cost and long commute, now finds the School Rides service a better alternative. 

Another user, a university student, appreciates the flexibility and cost savings compared to other commuting options.

The School Rides service is accessible through the Careem app, providing a user-friendly interface for parents to book rides. 

Antonio Al Asmar, General Manager of Careem in the GCC, highlights that over 50,000 school rides have been completed, with an average savings of 35% per user.

Strategic Collaboration with Educational Institutions: 

The School Rides service has garnered interest from 750 educational institutions in Dubai. While parents coordinate directly with the schools for these rides, the service ensures a more cost-effective, trackable, and comfortable alternative than traditional school buses.

Rigorous Safety Measures: 

The RTA and Careem have implemented stringent measures to address safety concerns. Over 3,500 cabs from various luxury vehicle companies are deployed for this service, and captains undergo specialized training to ensure the safety and professionalism of transporting children.

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