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Dubai Company Offers 70-Day Paid Maternity Leave

Dubai Company Offers 70-Day Paid Maternity Leave

In a bid to support working mothers, Dubai-based retail design and production company Alpha Nero has introduced a groundbreaking 70-day paid maternity leave policy, effective from February 2024. Severine Hoss, the company’s CFO and COO, highlighted the importance of providing extra time for recovery and bonding with newborns to ensure maternal health and happiness. This move reflects a growing trend among local companies to adopt parent-friendly policies aimed at promoting work-life balance and retaining top talent.

The UAE mandates 45 calendar days of maternity leave for all employees, with federal government employees entitled to 60 days off. Additionally, new mothers receive two 30-minute breaks for breastfeeding until their child turns 2 years old. However, initiatives like Alpha Nero’s extended maternity leave policy represent a significant step towards supporting working mothers in the region.

Maryam Majid bin Thaniah, a member of the Federal National Council, recently proposed flexible working hours for mothers with children under 10, suggesting a system that allows them to work remotely from home in the afternoon. This proposal aims to address the challenges faced by working mothers and enhance their work-life balance.

Alpha Nero’s leadership, with women occupying key managerial positions, underscores the significant contributions of women in the workforce. CEO Simon Hacker emphasized the company’s commitment to championing women in business and creating an inclusive work environment.

Other companies in the UAE, such as White Label Media, Tish Tash Communications, and Fine Hygienic Holding, have also implemented parent-friendly policies, including extended maternity leave, flexible working hours, and work-from-home options. These initiatives reflect a broader shift towards recognizing and supporting the diverse needs of employees, particularly working mothers, in the modern workplace.

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