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Dubai Circus School: Where Children Find Strength, Flexibility, and Happiness Through Acrobatics

Dubai Circus School: Where Children Find Strength, Flexibility, and Happiness Through Acrobatics

In the heart of Al Quoz, Dubai Circus School stands as a beacon of joy and physical empowerment for children of all ages. Founded by Colombian entrepreneur Marcela Bello, this unique academy blends the artistry of circus performance with the discipline of acrobatics, offering a space where kids can not only learn impressive skills but also cultivate strength, flexibility, and a profound sense of happiness.

At Dubai Circus School, children are immersed in a world of wonder and movement. From ground acrobatics to aerial silk classes, students explore a range of circus disciplines under the guidance of experienced trainers. Whether swinging from aerial hoops or practicing daring flips on the trampoline, each session is designed to foster physical prowess and ignite a passion for performance.

One of the school’s star pupils, 14-year-old Victoria Saint Pierre, discovered her love for acrobatics at a young age. “I’ve always loved gymnastics and flexibility, and I really enjoy learning new tricks,” she shares with enthusiasm. Alongside her brother Alan, Victoria frequents the school’s classes, honing her skills and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Strength and flexibility are paramount in the world of circus arts, and Dubai Circus School spares no effort in cultivating these qualities in its students. With a team of dedicated trainers and state-of-the-art facilities, the academy provides a safe and supportive environment for children to explore their physical capabilities and unleash their potential.

But beyond the technical aspects of acrobatics, Dubai Circus School places a strong emphasis on happiness and personal growth. “This is a safe space for children,” remarks parent Donna Taylor Driscoll, whose daughter River, six, is a regular attendee. “Thanks to all the support, the children come out buzzing, like they just had the best hour of their lives.”

Indeed, the benefits of circus training extend far beyond the confines of the school. Students like River Driscoll practice their moves at home, incorporating healthy habits and newfound confidence into their daily lives. As Taylor Driscoll notes, “River eats more vegetables because she knows she needs them to be stronger and be able to climb the silks higher.”

For Marcela Bello, the founder of Dubai Circus School, the mission goes beyond teaching circus skills; it’s about empowering children and fostering a sense of belonging and self-expression. “We want to empower children. We want them to feel seen and appreciated,” she explains passionately.

In addition to its focus on individual growth, Dubai Circus School aims to challenge misconceptions about the circus industry. Bello and her team are dedicated to showcasing the discipline, artistry, and joy that define circus arts, dispelling myths about performing animals and highlighting the values of discipline, expression, and happiness.

As students take to the stage for recitals and performances, Bello witnesses the transformative power of circus arts firsthand. “Most of the time, the children aren’t even aware of how impressive they are,” she reflects. “Our goal is to make students try something fun and new, to feel confident and become a better version of themselves.”

In a world filled with screens and sedentary activities, Dubai Circus School offers a refreshing alternative—a place where children can soar, flip, and spin their way to physical and emotional well-being. With each graceful movement and joyful smile, the students of Dubai Circus School remind us of the magic that happens when passion meets possibility.

As Dubai Circus School continues to inspire and empower the next generation of circus performers, its impact resonates far beyond the walls of its Al Quoz headquarters, shaping the lives of children and families across the city and beyond.

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