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Dubai Chamber of Commerce Records Remarkable Growth

Dubai International Chamber Spearheads Global Expansion for Dubai-Based Electric Vehicle Companies

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce, a prominent entity within the Dubai Chambers network, marked a substantial membership surge during 2023.

Impressively, 48,616 new member companies joined between January and September, reflecting a striking year-over-year increase of 42.9% compared to 2022.

Business Attraction and Global Standing:

This exponential growth underscores Dubai’s allure for companies and investors, amplifying the emirate’s stature as a leading global business hub. 

This surge is mirrored in the total value of exports and re-exports by member companies, reaching Dh210 billion, accompanied by 544,538 issued certificates of origin from Q1 to Q3 2023.

ATA Carnet Growth and Economic Impact:

Furthermore, the issuance of 3,209 ATA Carnets for goods and commodities, totaling Dh3.3 billion in value, during the nine months portrays a significant escalation from the previous year, registering a remarkable 123.6% year-over-year growth.

Commenting on this remarkable performance, Abdul Aziz Abdulla Al Ghurair, chairman of Dubai Chambers, expressed satisfaction in fortifying Dubai’s business landscape. 

He emphasized the chamber’s role in advocating for members’ prosperity, driving the export market, and augmenting Dubai’s economic objectives.

Advocacy, Mediation, and Community Engagement:

The chamber’s proactive stance extended to reviewing 94 draft laws in partnership with Business Groups, handling 103 mediation cases, and orchestrating over 180 meetings with business representatives, including advocacy sessions to shape Dubai’s favorable business climate.

Additionally, the chamber organized 41 annual general assembly events, benefiting more than 2,100 attendees through workshops, events, and webinars. 

Over 103 meetings were held with stakeholders to explore avenues serving the business community’s interests.

Innovative Platforms and Family Business Initiatives:

Aligned with its commitment to enhancing the business environment, the chamber introduced the business sector platform, amplifying services for Business Groups and Councils to enhance their effectiveness.

Simultaneously, the Dubai Centre for Family Business launched programs fostering the growth and sustainability of family enterprises. 

Notably, it completed 30 family visits, initiated educational certification programs, enrolled 18 advisors in its advisory certification, and engaged 62 representatives in its Governance Series.

Facilitating Business and Diverse Representation:

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce, with 46 country-specific business councils and 105 sector-specific business groups, is pivotal in facilitating business operations, improving the ease of doing business, and serving as a vital link between Dubai’s vibrant business community and the government.

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