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Dubai-Based Surgeon Appeals for Urgent Aid Amidst Gaza Crisis

Dr. Marc Sinclair, co-founder of TLWF and a Dubai-based surgeon, is urgently seeking assistance for Gaza in the middle of one of the city's bloodiest attacks in history.

Dubai-based pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Marc Sinclair, co-founder of The Little Wings Foundation (TLWF), is urgently seeking help for Gaza amidst one of the worst attacks the city has ever faced. 

Dr. Marc, known for his 13-year commitment to helping children with deformities and war injuries, is facing unprecedented challenges due to the ongoing conflict.

Fundraising Dinner in Dubai Draws Generous Contributions:

TLWF, in partnership with the Al Jalila Foundation, organized a fundraising dinner in Dubai, to which several UAE residents generously contributed. 

Dr. Marc highlighted the critical needs on the ground, emphasizing the immediate requirement for surgical instruments, antibiotics, and pain medicine. 

A substantial purchase has been made, and the items are currently in Egypt, awaiting transport to Gaza.

Despite the urgency, Dr. Marc acknowledges the complexities of delivering aid to Gaza, with even major organizations facing difficulties. 

Given the ongoing conflict, the team is navigating a process that could take weeks. 

The dire situation on the ground includes surgeries without anesthesia, prompting a call for essential tools like hand drills.

Post-War Focus: Prosthetics for Children with Crush Injuries:

Looking ahead to the post-war scenario, TLWF plans to assist in providing prosthetics for children with crush injuries caused by falling buildings. 

Dr. Marc emphasizes the importance of helping these children rebuild their futures, highlighting the long-term impact of the conflict on the younger generation.

Opening Storage Facility in Gaza and Plans for Future Operations:

Acknowledging the urgent needs, TLWF opened its storage facility in Gaza, providing essential tools and equipment for doctors on the ground. 

Dr. Marc emphasizes the group’s commitment to aiding the medical community in Gaza and expresses hope that the team can resume operations in the city in January 2024.

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