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Dubai-Based Indian Expat Wins Dh15 Million in Big Ticket Draw

Ashish Moholkar, a Dubai-based Indian expat, won a whopping Dh15 million in Abu Dhabi's Big Ticket draw series 258.

In a stroke of luck during the UAE Union Day holidays, a Dubai-based Indian expat, Ashish Moholkar, clinched a staggering Dh15 million in Abu Dhabi’s Big Ticket draw series 258. The winning ticket, number 223090, was purchased by Ashish on November 27.

Unbelievable News Delivered Live:

Although not watching the draw live, Ashish received an unexpected call from the show host, Richard, breaking the astonishing news of his Dh15 million victory. 

Expressing disbelief, Ashish sought reassurance, repeatedly asking, “Is this real?” The hosts confirmed his win, leaving him astonished.

Strategic Ticket Purchase:

An account manager, Ashish strategically bought his winning ticket online through a buy-two-get-one-free promotion after a two-year gap since returning to the UAE from India. Serendipitously, the winning number belonged to the complimentary ticket.

Overwhelmed by the unexpected windfall, Ashish said he would consult with his mother and wife to plan his next steps, as the victory took him by complete surprise.

Additional Winners and Prizes:

In the live draw, ten lucky winners of Indian, Nepali, and Palestinian nationalities were also announced, each securing gold prizes valued at Dh590,000. 

Milu Kurian walked away with a brand-new Range Rover Velar, having purchased the winning ticket online.

Future Opportunities for Big Ticket Enthusiasts:

As the excitement continues, those purchasing tickets for the upcoming live draw this month stand a chance to win Dh20 million on January 3. 

Additionally, Big Ticket customers are automatically entered into the weekly electronic draw, offering the opportunity to win Dh1 million every week.

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