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Dubai-Based Clinical Psychologist Offers Support for Gaza Conflict-Affected Residents

Maha Cooper, a clinical psychologist based in Dubai, has started a free support group at Reverse Psychology, a mental health clinic in Jumeirah.

As Israeli troops and tanks push deeper into Gaza, many UAE residents with loved ones in the region are living in fear and waiting for updates on their family and friends. 

They are also grappling with harrowing reports emerging from the conflict zone.

Free Support Group Initiated:

Clinical psychologist Maha Cooper, based in Dubai, has initiated a free support group at Reverse Psychology, a mental health clinic in Jumeirah, to help those affected by the ongoing Gaza conflict. 

The group aims to provide a safe space for individuals to discuss their feelings and challenges related to the crisis.

Coping with Disturbing News and Images:

During the support group meeting, Cooper guided participants in recognizing and using tools to cope with the distressing news and images from Gaza. 

Emphasis was placed on emotional awareness, understanding the underlying causes of emotions, and preventing destructive manifestations.

Addressing the Role of Social Media:

The role of social media in a humanitarian crisis was discussed, with many participants acknowledging its negative effects. 

The consensus was that social media should raise awareness and educate the uninformed rather than contributing to polarization and misinformation.

Need for Meaningful Conversation:

Participants cited a lack of meaningful conversation about the conflict in their daily lives as the reason they sought support through the group. 

The initiative aims to allow individuals to discuss their thoughts and feelings.

Providing Resources for Emotional Well-Being:

At the end of the meeting, resource packs were distributed, containing guidelines for managing emotions, practicing self-care, and recommending mental health support mobile applications. 

The goal is to equip individuals with the tools to navigate these challenging times.

Maha Cooper has received outreach from numerous individuals via Instagram, expressing their struggles and feelings of overwhelm and guilt. 

She hopes to provide comfort and relief to those grappling with the emotional impact of the Gaza conflict.

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