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Dubai-Based Arabian Desert Camel Riding Club, Breaking Boundaries

The ADCRC is home to the UAE's first all-female camel racing team, as well as the country's first camel racing league for women.

Traversing 100 kilometers through the desert on camelback might not be everyone’s idea of fun. Still, the Dubai-based Arabian Desert Camel Riding Club (ADCRC) has a reputation for doing things differently. 

Home to the UAE’s first all-female camel racing team, the club is known for breaking boundaries.

Pioneers of Women’s Camel Racing:

The ADCRC boasts the UAE’s first all-female camel racing team and founded the nation’s inaugural camel racing league for women. 

They are committed to promoting women’s participation in this traditionally male-dominated sport.

In August, the ADCRC participated in Saudi Arabia’s first women-only camel race at the Crown Prince Camel Festival, showcasing their dedication to challenging conventions. 

Their energetic races at the Dubai Camel Racing Club are open to all spectators.

The Desert Adventure in Jordan:

Recently, the ADCRC embarked on an adventurous journey to Wadi Rum, Jordan. The team consisted of six riders and two Bedouin guides, who slept under the stars with minimal assistance from a follow-up car carrying essential supplies.

The club places a strong emphasis on sustainable travel and collaboration with local communities when riding abroad. 

Their goal is to give back to the countries they visit and respect the environment and cultures they encounter.

Connecting with Nature and Learning New Techniques:

For ADCRC member Coralie Viroulaud, the Jordanian desert ride was a remarkable experience, offering an opportunity to disconnect from city life and immerse themselves in nature. 

The ride also introduced them to different camel riding techniques used in Jordan.

The two-and-a-half-day journey allowed the team to explore some of the most remote and unvisited parts of the picturesque desert, riding for approximately eight hours daily. 

They left the tourist areas behind and enjoyed the tranquility and natural beauty of the untouched desert.

Promoting Camel Conservation and Sustainability:

Jana Schmiedel, a member of the ADCRC camel racing team, highlighted the club’s core mission of raising awareness about camel conservation and sustainability. 

They are passionate about showcasing the value of camels and their contributions, such as camel milk.

The welfare of camels is a top priority for the ADCRC. They emphasize humane treatment, ensuring that camels are not overburdened and are ridden in a way that is comfortable for the animals. This approach reflects their respect for these incredible creatures.

Embracing Local Culture and History:

Camel riding is a powerful way to connect with the history and culture of the UAE. 

For many members, including expatriates like Coralie Viroulaud, it’s an opportunity to immerse themselves in local traditions and develop a special bond with their camels.

Diverse Membership and Expanding Horizons:

The ADCRC welcomes members from diverse nationalities and backgrounds, including Emiratis. 

With the next race scheduled for November 25 and the racing season running from October to March, the club aims to continue expanding women’s participation in camel racing.

The adrenaline rush from camel racing is an exhilarating experience, and the camaraderie between the riders and camels is palpable. 

The club aspires to make camel racing accessible to everyone, promoting its unique connection with these magnificent creatures.

A Soul-Enriching Connection:

Connecting with a camel is not just a sport but a soul-enriching experience, as these gentle giants mirror human emotions and provide a sense of serenity and connection with nature.

The ADCRC’s commitment to camel conservation, sustainable travel, and gender equality in camel racing sets them apart as pioneers in camel riding and racing.

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