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Dubai Bans E-Scooters on Metro and Tram for Safety

Dubai Bans E-Scooters on Metro and Tram for Safety

In a move aimed at ensuring commuter safety, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced a ban on bringing e-scooters onto the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram effective from Friday, March 1, 2024.

The decision was communicated through the RTA’s official channels, highlighting the importance of safeguarding commuters’ well-being. This ban comes amidst growing concerns over the safety implications of allowing e-scooters on public transportation systems.

Dubai’s proactive approach to enhancing road safety extends beyond this ban. The RTA is set to introduce a smart robot in March, equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to monitor the use of bicycles and electric scooters. This initiative is part of the city’s ongoing efforts to enforce regulations and crack down on violations.

The AI-powered robot will play a crucial role in identifying potential infractions committed by bicycle and electric scooter users, including riding in pedestrian-only zones, carrying multiple riders on one scooter, failure to wear safety equipment like helmets, and leaving scooters in unauthorized areas. Upon detecting violations, the robot will promptly notify Dubai Police for further action.

One of the key highlights of this innovative robot is its advanced technology, boasting an impressive accuracy rate of over 85% in violation detection. It can provide real-time data within just 5 seconds, ensuring swift and effective enforcement of regulations. Additionally, the robot is equipped with sensors that automatically halt its movement when it detects objects or individuals within a close proximity of 1.5 meters, further enhancing safety measures.

Dubai’s commitment to road safety underscores its dedication to creating a secure and efficient transportation infrastructure for residents and visitors alike. By implementing measures such as the ban on e-scooters on public transport and deploying advanced technology like the smart robot, the city continues to prioritize the well-being of commuters and promote responsible use of alternative modes of transportation.

This proactive approach aligns with Dubai’s vision of becoming a smart and sustainable city, where innovation and safety go hand in hand to create a more livable urban environment. As the city strives to maintain its status as a global hub for business and tourism, initiatives like these play a crucial role in enhancing its reputation as a forward-thinking metropolis committed to excellence in all aspects of urban living.

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