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Dubai Authorities Issue Safety Alerts Amidst Severe Weather Conditions

On Friday morning, as rain, thunder, and lightning raced across the UAE, Dubai authorities took preventive measures to protect people' safety.

As rain, thunder, and lightning swept across the UAE on Friday morning, Dubai authorities took proactive measures to ensure residents’ safety. 

The Dubai Police issued a public safety advisory, alerting everyone to the adverse weather conditions prevailing in the region.

Cautionary Measures:

The alert, disseminated to residents’ phones, urged heightened caution while driving and emphasized compliance with authorities’ advice. 

It specifically advised individuals to avoid beaches and areas prone to flash floods, highlighting the potential risks associated with the ongoing unstable weather.

Widespread Weather Instability:

The unstable weather conditions were not confined to Dubai alone but were observed across other emirates. 

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) raised orange and yellow warnings for most parts of the country, prompting cautionary measures for residents.

The NCM advised the public to anticipate hazardous weather in various areas and urged individuals to exercise vigilance when venturing outdoors. 

The warning underscores the need for careful consideration and preparation while navigating inclement weather.

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