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Dubai and Sharjah: A Comprehensive Guide to Transportation Options

Travelling between Dubai and Sharjah is simple thanks to a variety of transit alternatives.

Traveling between Dubai and Sharjah, two vibrant emirates connected by a sandy border, can be easily accomplished with various transportation options. 

Whether you’re a tourist exploring the bustling markets or a daily commuter, this guide provides insights into cost-efficient and convenient ways to move between these two cities.

1. Buses:

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) offers a network of intercity buses with routes starting from different points in Dubai and Sharjah. Examples of common bus services include:

  • E301: Shabab Al Ahli to Sharjah, Al Taawun
  • E303: Union to Sharjah, Al Jubail
  • E311: Rashidiya to Sharjah, Al Jubail

2. Taxis:

RTA and Sharjah’s transport authority (SRTA) provide taxi services between the emirates, with an additional charge of Dh20 when crossing the border. Ride-hailing services like Careem and Uber offer various options, from standard to luxury.

3. Ferry:

For a scenic journey, RTA operates a ferry service from Al Ghubaibah to Sharjah Aquarium (FR5) with a one-way cost of Dh15 (silver card) and Dh25 (gold card).

4. Airport Shuttle:

Dubai and Sharjah international airports offer shuttle services between the two emirates, providing travelers a quick and affordable transportation option.

5. Rentals:

Car rental options abound in the UAE, offering flexibility and convenience. Online platforms like Udrive and Ekar provide easy access to various vehicles, from family-friendly cars to sports cars.

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