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Dubai Academic Health Corporation Transforms into ‘Dubai Health’

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed launched a major rebranding of Dubai Academic Health Corporation as 'Dubai Health.'

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, announced a significant rebranding as Dubai Academic Health Corporation transitions to ‘Dubai Health,’ aligning itself with the core principle of ‘Patient First.’

A Unified Vision for Healthcare Excellence:

The new brand is designed to fortify Dubai’s position as a leader in healthcare excellence, emphasizing collaboration across health, education, and research. 

The revamped identity is a strategic move to enhance patient care and integrate an academic health system into the city’s heart.

Symbolism in Brand Identity:

The logo features three arches supported by a foundation, symbolizing the pillars of care, learning, and discovery. 

The central arch represents compassionate guardianship, while the secondary arches signify continuous learning and groundbreaking discoveries. 

The solid base embodies giving, creating a cohesive visual representation of Dubai Health’s mission.

Comprehensive Network and Expanded Initiatives:

Under the umbrella of Dubai Health, the initiative includes six hospitals, 26 outpatient medical service centers, and 20 medical fitness centers. 

Beyond physical health facilities, the integration extends to educational institutions such as the Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences and the Al Jalila Foundation.

Dubai Health aims to enhance accessibility by introducing a user-friendly app and a toll-free 24/7 call center, facilitating communication for the public and ensuring seamless healthcare services.

Professional Collaboration and Achievements:

Dubai Health has achieved notable milestones with a dedicated team of over 11,000 professionals working across multidisciplinary teams. 

In 2022, the initiative recorded over 4.7 million outpatient visits, nearly 350,000 emergency department visits, and over 60,000 patient admissions. 

It has also drawn in over 1,000 learners globally, provided scholarships and research grants, and supported thousands of patients needing medical assistance.

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