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Dr. Azad Moopen: The Success Story behind Aster DM Healthcare

Dr. Azad Moopen presented memories about treating patients on boats near Rashid Port while reflecting on his humble beginnings in 1987.

Visualizing a business magnate, valued at approximately $2 billion, navigating from one boat to another to treat patients seems improbable. Yet, this unconventional narrative defines Dr. Azad Moopen’s journey, attributing his empire’s growth to unexpected events.

Recent Business Split and Acquisition:

Aster DM Healthcare recently made headlines with the division of its India and GCC businesses. 

Fajr Capital, led consortium, secured a 65% stake in the GCC business, while the Moopen family retained 35% ownership, marking a significant milestone for the healthcare giant.

Dr. Azad Moopen, reflecting on his modest origins in 1987, shared anecdotes of treating patients on boats near Rashid Port, illustrating the genesis of Aster DM Healthcare’s journey.

Growth Trajectory: One Clinic to 918 Facilities:

What began as a single clinic in Al Rafa, Dubai, blossomed over 36 years into 918 facilities across GCC countries and India, solidifying Aster DM Healthcare’s position as a premier healthcare provider.

Recalling the hurdles faced during the nascent stage, Dr. Moopen highlighted the challenges of assembling a competent medical team, acquiring permissions, and navigating bureaucratic obstacles, juxtaposing them with the streamlined processes facilitated by Dubai’s digital transformation today.

Support and ‘Accidental Success’:

Dr. Moopen’s journey to the UAE, initially intended as a job with a friend in Ajman, evolved unexpectedly. Encouraged to establish a clinic in Dubai, supported by friends, relatives, and the community, Aster DM Healthcare emerged as an “accidental success.”

With degrees in Medicine and additional qualifications, Dr. Moopen emphasized the initial support from friends, relatives, and the community, underscoring the collaborative efforts that fueled the inception of Aster DM Healthcare.

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