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DM Announces Start of Winter Camping Season in Al Awir Desert

The winter camping season in the Al Awir desert area has been officially inaugurated by the Dubai Municipality (DM).

The Dubai Municipality (DM) has officially launched the winter camping season at the Al Awir desert area, welcoming all outdoor enthusiasts to explore the beauty of the desert landscape.

This temporary camping season will run from Tuesday, October 17, 2023, until April 2024, offering a family-friendly campsite equipped with essential amenities and services for visitors’ convenience.

Inclusive Camping Spaces:

Specific areas have been reserved for people of determination and senior citizens to accommodate a wide range of visitors.

Additionally, the DM has allocated several sites for business owners who can offer goods and services to fellow campers. 

The campsite is open for reservations to Dubai residents, provided they obtain the necessary permits before setting up their tents.

Personalized Camping Experience:

After receiving permits, applicants can create their unique camping space with a temporary fence. 

The layout can be customized according to their preferences as long as it is intended for family use. 

The DM has also set aside a dedicated space for government partners interested in designing their camps.

Camping Reservations and Registration:

Residents who wish to experience winter camping can register their requests through the official DM website:

Camping areas come in single and double sizes, with the former measuring 20 by 20 meters and the latter spanning 20 by 40 meters. Double camping is allowed only in outdoor areas.

Compliance with Camping Rules:

The Dubai Municipality has established rules to manage camping activities and ensure public safety. 

Campers must adhere to the camp’s temporary private use, and permits cannot be transferred or leased to third parties or used for commercial purposes. 

Campers are expected to maintain hygiene and the good appearance of the campsite, follow fire safety rules, and adhere to regulations related to the use of sand bikes and prohibited items such as fireworks, floodlights, and speakers.

The DM’s initiative welcomes residents to embrace the desert’s serene beauty and enjoy a memorable camping experience throughout the winter season.

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