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Distance Learning Implemented in Ras Al Khaimah Schools

Ras Al Khaimah authorities have taken preemptive measures in reaction to the inclement weather.

Authorities in Ras Al Khaimah have taken proactive measures in response to unstable weather conditions, directing government schools in the emirate to shift to distance learning on Friday, November 17. 

The decision aims to ensure the safety of students, allowing them to continue their studies from the security of their homes, as announced by the emirate’s Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management team.

Private Schools Decision Pending:

While government schools have implemented distance learning, it remains unclear whether private schools in Ras Al Khaimah will follow suit, pending further announcements.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) reported heavy rains over Ras Al Khaimah, prompting visibility and potential flooding concerns. Social media channel Storm Centre shared videos depicting the intensity of the showers in the emirate.

The NCM forecasts lightning, thunder, and varying levels of rainfall over the next two days, particularly affecting the country’s east, north, and coastal areas.

Ministry of Interior Advisory:

In response to the weather conditions, the UAE’s Ministry of Interior issued an advisory urging residents to exercise road caution. 

The advisory emphasizes the importance of reducing speeds and avoiding areas susceptible to floods and beaches to ensure public safety.

As authorities take precautionary steps to safeguard the community during adverse weather conditions, residents and students are advised to stay updated on official announcements and adhere to safety guidelines issued by relevant authorities.

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