Dh50,000 fine in Abu Dhabi for violating these traffic rules

UAE : The Abu Dhabi Police issue fresh warnings about the fine for jumping a red light. Motorists would do well to brush up on the toughest traffic penalties, which also involve vehicle impoundment.

Announcement of harsh traffic penalties are done by Abu Dhabi Police in a bid to enhance traffic safety more carefully. They include penalties of up to Dh50,000 for racing on the roads.

And these are 2 of 5 different violations that can invite serious punishment aimed at discouraging reckless behaviours. That can result in severe injuries and fatalities. The police has also reiterated that impounded vehicles not claimed by owners, after paying off fines, will be auctioned off 3 months after the date of impoundment.

Jumping a red light: Dh1,000 fine, 12 black points, 6 month confiscation of driving licence, thirty day vehicle impoundment and Dh50,000 fine to release the vehicle from impoundment.

Colliding with, or causing damage to, police vehicles. Dh50,000 fine to release vehicle from impoundment, payment of expenses for damage occured in case.

Participating in inpermittable road racing: Vehicle impoundment, Dh50,000 fine to release vehicle from impoundment.

Driving a vehicle without number plate and valid licence plates: Vehicle impoundment, Dh50,000 to release vehicle from impoundment.

Dangerous or reckless driving in a manner that endangers the lives of the driver or any person: Vehicle impoundment. Dh50,000 penalty to release the vehicle from impoundment.

Other Fines are also payable like Making unauthorised changes to chassis or engine of vehicle. Vehicle impoundment, Dh10,000 fine to release vehicle from impoundment.

Allowing children below ten years to sit in the front seat of a vehicle: Dh5,000 fine, vehicle impoundment.

Abu Dhabi police also warn drivers,owners of the vehicles about charge of heavy penalty for violation like jumping a red light and overtake. In addition, the Abu Dhabi police has issued an advisory regarding toughest traffic fines.

Written by Martha Paul


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