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DEWA’s Smart Ball Technology: A Leap in Water Conservation and Cost Savings

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Innovative Solutions Saving Millions of Gallons of Water and AED 9.66 Million in 2023

Dubai, January 19, 2024 – Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) achieved a remarkable feat in 2023 with its ‘Smart Ball’ technology, saving an impressive 243 million gallons of water and AED 9.66 million. This innovation marks a significant step in Dubai’s journey towards sustainable water management and cost efficiency.

The Smart Ball Technology Explained

The ‘Smart Ball’ technology is a non-invasive leak detection system. It involves a smart ball, a device equipped with acoustic sensors, being inserted into the water network. As it travels through the pipes, it detects the sound of leaks, which are otherwise difficult to locate in large and complex water networks. This technology enables DEWA to identify and repair leaks promptly, preventing water loss.

Impact on Water Conservation

Water conservation is crucial in arid regions like Dubai, where water is a precious resource. By using the ‘Smart Ball’ technology, DEWA has significantly reduced water wastage, contributing to environmental sustainability and resource conservation.

Financial Savings and Efficiency

The cost savings of AED 9.66 million demonstrate the financial efficiency of this technology. By reducing water loss, DEWA has been able to cut down on the costs associated with water production and supply, passing these savings onto consumers and the economy.

DEWA’s Commitment to Innovation

This achievement is a testament to DEWA’s commitment to embracing innovative technologies for better utility management. The authority is consistently exploring and implementing cutting-edge solutions to enhance its services and contribute to Dubai’s Smart City initiatives.

Broader Environmental Benefits

Apart from conserving water and reducing costs, the ‘Smart Ball’ technology also contributes to reducing carbon emissions. By minimizing the need for extensive digging and repair work, it helps in lowering the environmental impact associated with water network maintenance.


DEWA’s successful implementation of the ‘Smart Ball’ technology in 2023 is a shining example of how innovative solutions can lead to substantial environmental and economic benefits. This initiative not only underscores Dubai’s leadership in smart water management but also sets a benchmark for other cities and regions facing similar challenges.

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