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Dewa’s Clean Energy Initiatives Enhance UAE’s Energy Security

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The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) is spearheading a shift towards clean and renewable energy sources, significantly bolstering the UAE’s energy security. The ongoing global push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has amplified the focus on renewable energy, particularly solar power, due to its cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits.

Key Highlights of Dewa’s Clean Energy Initiatives

  1. Solar Power Investments: Dewa’s prominent role in adopting advanced technologies for clean energy storage is evident in its large-scale projects, both regionally and globally.
  2. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park: The 950MW fourth phase of this solar park, inaugurated in December 2023, is a standout example. This project, with the world’s tallest solar tower and largest thermal energy storage capacity, is set to provide clean energy to about 320,000 residences and reduce carbon emissions by 1.6 million tonnes annually.
  3. Innovative Energy Storage Solutions: Dewa’s energy storage projects include a wide-range system using electric batteries powered by photovoltaic energy and a roadmap for green hydrogen implementation. This aligns with the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and the Dubai Net Zero Carbon Emissions Strategy 2050.
  4. Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant in Hatta: Utilizing water from the Hatta Dam, this plant features an efficient power generation and storage system, boasting up to 78.9 percent efficiency. It is the first of its kind in the GCC region, with a completion timeline set for Q1 of 2025.
  5. Green Hydrogen Project: The first in the Middle East and North Africa, this project produces green hydrogen using solar energy, highlighting Dewa’s innovative approach in energy solutions.

Impact and Future Prospects

These initiatives underscore Dewa’s commitment to following the vision of Dubai’s leadership for energy sustainability. By implementing these projects, Dewa is not only enhancing the reliability of energy supply but also contributing significantly to the reduction of carbon footprint.

Dewa’s adoption of clean energy storage technologies, combined with its ambitious energy projects, positions the UAE as a global leader in renewable energy and sustainability. This transition to clean energy sources is pivotal in achieving energy security, sustainability, and environmental preservation for the region and beyond.

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