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Delhi Airport Gold Smuggling Saga Continues; One more Culprit

Customs authorities seize gold bars worth Rs2 crore (Dh881,243.19) from three foreign nationals from Dubai at Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Customs officials at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport made a significant discovery, seizing gold bars valued at Rs2 crore (Dh881,243.19) from three foreign nationals arriving from Dubai. 

The elaborate attempt to smuggle 3.75kg of gold concealed within a cloth stitched to their pants was thwarted by vigilant officials.

Arrests Made Under Customs Act, 1962:

The interception led to the arrest of the three individuals under the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962. The incident, captured in a video shared by Delhi Customs, showcased officials uncovering gold bars wrapped in parchment paper concealed within the cloth.

Escalating Incidents of Gold Smuggling:

This event marks the third such occurrence in as many days, reflecting a sudden surge in gold smuggling incidents in India. 

Just a day prior, another individual arriving from Bangkok was apprehended at the Delhi Airport with gold bars worth INR 2.4 crore (Dh1057475.08), reinforcing the concerning trend.

The confiscated gold bars, weighing 4204 grams, resulted in the arrest of the individual under the Customs Act, 1962. 

Investigations into these smuggling attempts are underway, indicating efforts to uncover larger networks involved in these illicit activities.

Recent Chennai Airport Seizure Adds to the Pattern:

Earlier in the week, customs authorities at Chennai airport seized approximately 1.5 kg of gold in paste form. 

An airport staff member was found carrying gold worth INR 90 lakh (Dh396556.79) left by a transit passenger in a restroom. The individual’s arrival from Dubai further highlights the potential connections between these incidents.

Efforts are ongoing to identify the transit passenger connected to the gold left in the restroom, with authorities taking the staffer into custody for investigation. 

The incident underscores the vigilance exercised by the air intelligence unit, monitoring movements within the airport to combat smuggling activities.

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