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Dedicated Hub for Climate Activists at COP28 to Advocate Climate Action

Climate activists attending COP28 in Dubai will have a special location in the Green Zone called the Voices for Action hub.

Climate activists attending COP28 in Dubai will have a dedicated area called the Voices for Action hub in the Green Zone for peaceful protests and demonstrations. 

Expo City Dubai (ECD) officials confirmed this during a media briefing, emphasizing the importance of providing a space for activists to assemble and advocate for climate action.

Inclusivity and Transparency: UNFCCC and UAE’s Joint Commitment:

The joint statement issued by the UAE, as the host country, and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) underscores the commitment to inclusivity, transparency, and respect during COP28. 

The action plan for COP28 is centered on four key pillars, including fast-tracking the energy transition, addressing climate finance, and prioritizing inclusivity.

COP28 will have two zones: the Blue Zone, reserved for UN-accredited participants and formal negotiations, and the Green Zone, an open space for the public to promote dialogue and awareness around climate action. 

The Voices for Action hub in the Green Zone specifically caters to climate activists and their initiatives.

COP28’s Focus on Inclusivity, Transformative Progress, and Ambition:

COP28 president-designate Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber emphasizes inclusivity as a critical enabler for transformative progress across the climate agenda. 

The plan aims to make COP28 the most inclusive UN Climate Change Conference, urging increased participation from youth, women, local communities, and indigenous peoples.

UNFCCC executive secretary Simon Stiell reaffirms the organization’s dedication to upholding UN values at COPs and ensuring that those most impacted by climate change are heard and represented in leadership roles. 

COP28 is seen as an opportunity to drive climate action and ambition forward, focusing on inclusivity and representation.

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