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Deadly Fire Erupts in Hanoi Apartment Block, Dozens Killed and Injured

A devastating fire broke out in a 10-story apartment block in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi

A devastating fire broke out in a 10-story apartment block in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, resulting in numerous casualties. 

The blaze began shortly before midnight on Tuesday, originating in the parking floor of the building, which was filled with residents’ motorbikes. 

Official reports indicate that authorities rescued around 70 people, with 54 individuals rushed to hospitals, including several fatalities.

Details of the Incident:

  • Fire Severity: The fire is described as “very serious,” leading to a significant loss of life.
  • Rescue Efforts: Despite rescue efforts, the highly residential area in southwest Hanoi proved challenging to access due to narrow alleyways, making it difficult for rescuers to reach the building promptly.
  • Witness Account: A witness near the site described the apartment block as closed off with no escape route, making it nearly impossible for victims to exit.

Previous Incidents:

This incident follows a similar tragedy that occurred a year prior when a fire in a three-story karaoke bar in Ho Chi Minh City claimed the lives of 32 individuals and injured 17 others. 

The owner of the karaoke bar was arrested on charges related to violating fire prevention regulations.

Vietnam has experienced a series of deadly fires in recent years, often occurring at entertainment venues such as karaoke bars. 

Fire safety and prevention measures have become critical concerns in the country, prompting authorities to enforce stricter regulations to prevent such tragic incidents.

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