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Dazzling Rewards Unveiled in Dubai Jewellery Group’s DSF Raffle

On Thursday, the DJG made a dramatic announcement, revealing the lucky winners of the first two raffles in its massive DSF campaign.

The Dubai Jewellery Group (DJG) made a spectacular announcement on Thursday, unveiling the fortunate winners of the first two raffles in its grand Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) campaign. 

Eight individuals have already secured a dazzling quarter kilo of gold each, marking the beginning of an exciting period for participants.

Continued Excitement for Shoppers:

Enthusiastic shoppers still have the golden opportunity to join the league of winners until January 14th, 2024. 

With a minimum spend of AED 500 on gold, diamond, or pearl jewelry at any of the 275 participating outlets, participants gain entry into DJG’s raffle, enhancing their chances of winning a quarter kilo of gold.

Magnified Prospects with Multiple Coupons:

Customers receive two raffle coupons to multiply the thrill when purchasing diamond, pearl, or platinum jewelry. 

This amplifies their chances of being among the 300 winners who will collectively claim an impressive 25 kilograms of gold throughout the campaign.

Expressive Congratulations to Winners:

The winners of the initial draws, namely Kamaruddeen, Jinson, Jing Wan, Ashwin, Jesus Encinar, Saifa Rahman, Sangeetha Sagaran, and Sharath Kumar, are now proud owners of a quarter kilo of gold each. 

The DJG congratulates these individuals, setting the stage for further anticipation and excitement among shoppers.

Transformative DSF Experience:

The DSF campaign by DJG not only promises extraordinary rewards but transforms the shopping experience for individuals eager to indulge in the city’s vibrant jewelry offerings. 

As the campaign progresses, participants eagerly await the opportunity to adorn their lives with the allure of gold, making this DSF season truly memorable.

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