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Cyclone ‘Tej’ in Arabian Sea: Indirect Effects Expected in UAE

The NCM has provided an update on storm 'Tej,' a category 2 storm in the Arabian Sea with wind gusts ranging from 165-175kmph.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has issued an update on Cyclone ‘Tej,’ a category 2 cyclone with wind speeds ranging from 165-175kmph in the Arabian Sea. 

While the cyclone is not expected to land directly in the UAE, it will have “indirect effects” on the country.

Anticipated Indirect Effects:

According to the NCM, moisture from the Arabian Sea will flow into the UAE, particularly impacting its east and south regions. 

This moisture inflow will form cumulus clouds and result in rainfall in some parts of the country.

The NCM predicts Cyclone ‘Tej’ will deepen into a category 3 cyclone within 24 hours, with wind rates reaching up to 190kmph.

The authorities closely monitor the situation and have appealed to residents not to spread rumors.

Direct Impact on Oman:

Cyclone ‘Tej’ is expected to directly impact neighboring Oman. 

Oman Meteorology has issued forecasts of heavy rainfall and flash floods, particularly in Dhofar and Al Wusta governorates. 

The cyclone’s impact is set to peak on October 23 and 24.

Preventive Measures in Oman:

In anticipation of the cyclone’s impact, authorities in Oman have declared holidays for public and private sector employees in certain parts of the country and closed schools. 

The government is taking these measures to ensure residents’ safety and mitigate the cyclone’s effects.

UAE Embassy in Muscat’s Safety Advisory:

The UAE Embassy in Muscat has urged Emiratis in Oman to adhere to all safety instructions issued by local authorities. 

This advisory is part of the UAE’s efforts to ensure the well-being of its citizens during the cyclone’s passage through the region.

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