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Cyber Intrusion Targets Brazilian First Lady’s Social Media Account

Rosangela "Janja" Silva, Brazil's First Lady, experienced a breach in her social network account on X, prompting an inquiry by local authorities.

Brazil’s First Lady, Rosangela “Janja” Silva, encountered a breach in her social media account on X, leading to an investigation by local authorities. 

The incident prompted immediate action, including a request for profile freezing from the platform owned by Elon Musk.

Insults and Misogynistic Content Posted:

Janja’s compromised account became a platform for derogatory messages, including insults directed at the first lady and President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Misogynistic slurs further aggravated the situation, prompting public outrage.

Efforts to contain the situation saw the removal of the offensive posts by Tuesday morning, attempting to mitigate the breach’s impact on the affected parties.

Investigations and Legal Actions Initiated:

Brazilian authorities, acknowledging the severity of the incident, swiftly initiated an investigation through the federal police. 

Concurrently, the solicitor general’s office formally requested X, previously known as Twitter, to block Janja’s account while preserving all associated records.

Commitment to Address Cyber Crimes and Hate Speech:

In an official statement, the Brazilian government emphasized its determination to address such cyber intrusions and their resulting hate speech. 

The government firmly declared zero tolerance for crimes, misogyny, hate speech, and intolerance on social media platforms.

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