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Cyber Attacks Disrupt Ukraine’s Vital Telecommunication Services

Ukraine's leading mobile network operator was hit by a powerful hacking attack, causing a brief outage.

In a significant cybersecurity incident, Kyivstar, Ukraine’s largest mobile network operator, fell victim to a potent hacker attack, temporarily disrupting its cellular and internet services. 

The attack also targeted Monobank, a prominent Ukrainian payment system, with both companies now actively addressing the situation.

Working to Restore Services Amidst Cyber Assault:

Kyivstar, owned by the Amsterdam-listed Veon, issued a statement acknowledging the cyber attack and assuring users that efforts are underway to repair the outage. 

The company is teaming with law enforcement agencies to investigate the incident. While promising compensation for service disruptions, Kyivstar did not explicitly name the suspected perpetrator.

Monobank Faces DDoS Attack:

Simultaneously, the co-founder of Monobank confirmed an ongoing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the major Ukrainian payment system. 

Despite the assault, the company asserted that the situation was “under control.” Notably, the co-founder emphasized that users’ personal data remains uncompromised, alleviating concerns over potential data breaches.

Historical Context of Cyber Accusations:

Ukrainian state bodies and companies have frequently accused Russia, engaged in a conflict with Ukraine, of orchestrating cyber attacks. 

While no specific attribution was made in Kyivstar’s statement, the timing of the incident amid geopolitical tensions adds to the speculation. 

Cybersecurity experts closely monitor the situation, assessing the tactics and motivations behind the attacks on critical infrastructure.

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