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Crisalion Mobility Partners with Valtrans for Advanced Mobility Solutions

At the famous Dubai Airshow, Crisalion Mobility formed a strategic alliance with Valtrans Transportation Systems.

Crisalion Mobility, renowned for pioneering advanced electric mobility solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Caltrans Transportation Systems at the prestigious Dubai Airshow. 

The partnership designates Valtrans as the exclusive distributor of Crisalion Mobility’s groundbreaking air and ground solutions across the Gulf region.

Milestone Signing Ceremony at Dubai Airshow:

The official signing ceremony, held at Crisalion Mobility’s booth within the Advanced Aerial Mobility Pavilion at the Dubai Airshow, witnessed the presence of key executives from both organizations. 

Among them were Fernando Núñez and Carlos Poveda Rey from Crisalion, alongside Engr. Mansoor Al Habtoor and Imad Alameddine from Valtrans, signifying the significance of the collaboration.

Valtrans’ role as the exclusive distributor encompasses the representation and sales of Crisalion’s innovative air mobility solutions, prominently featuring the Integrity eVTOL. 

This electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft, incorporating Crisalion’s proprietary FlyFree technology, ensures unparalleled stability in flight, making it adaptable for diverse applications such as passenger transportation, emergency services, cargo, and tourism.

Groundbreaking Ground Mobility Solutions:

Valtrans also assumes the sole distributor for Crisalion’s ground mobility solutions, featuring the Serenity vehicles. 

These cutting-edge solutions, powered by Crisalion’s Intellydrive technology, offer end-to-end fleet management services integrating teleoperation and convoy driving from a centralized control center.

Carlos Poveda Rey, CEO of Crisalion, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing their joint commitment to sustainability and innovation in transforming urban mobility. 

He highlighted this collaboration’s pivotal role in revolutionizing transportation in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

Valtrans’ Industry Leadership and Commitment:

Imad Alameddine, Group General Manager of Valtrans, acknowledged the alignment of values and the importance of sustainable transportation in the evolving GCC landscape. 

He emphasized Valtrans’ pride in being chosen as the exclusive distributor for Crisalion Mobility’s advanced mobility solutions, emphasizing their dedication to offering cutting-edge mobility options.

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