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CPTN Shirts: From Fashion Statement to Humanitarian Force

James Hamilton started the business by making bright 'Happy' shirts out of native UAE materials that were first reminiscent of Hawaiian themes.

A simple conversation between father and daughter birthed CPTN shirts during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

James Hamilton, an Australian expat in Dubai, initiated the venture, crafting vibrant ‘Happy’ shirts using local UAE fabrics, initially reminiscent of Hawaiian designs.

Evolution Through a Dubaiian Identity:

A pivotal encounter with Jeetu Balani, owner of DIA Textiles in Dubai, marked a turning point. 

This collaboration expanded CPTN shirts beyond Hawaiian influences, embracing a distinct ‘Dubaiian’ identity—a fusion of vibrant colors, style, and premium fabrics.

Challenging Perceptions and Uniting Through Design:

Balani, born and raised in Dubai, aimed to reshape the stereotype associated with these shirts, encouraging visitors to proudly declare, “I bought this in Dubai.” 

The brand’s concept kiosk at Time Square Centre caters to customization and fabric retail and showcases their signature ‘Dubaiian’ shirts.

Shirts Beyond Fashion: Uniting for a Cause:

What began as a pandemic side venture transformed into a unifying force. CPTN shirts, now a symbol of solidarity, introduced the ‘Keffiyeh Watermelon Shirt’ to support Palestine. 

This initiative garnered widespread attention, drawing influential personalities to wear the shirts.

Empowering Charitable Contributions:

Every Dh250 shirt purchase contributes Dh100 to Gaza relief campaigns and charities aiding those impacted by the conflict. 

The watermelon symbol, representing solidarity with Palestine, serves as a poignant visual statement, directing proceeds to support crucial initiatives and organizations.

Transparency and Global Outreach:

With a commitment to transparency, CPTN shirts maintain an online presence to segregate funds directly for charitable purposes. 

Hamilton emphasizes their goal: supporting without being the face of it. The shirts’ appeal transcends borders, uniting diverse communities and garnering orders from across the UAE and internationally.

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