Covid- Dubai Screw up rules for gatherings

The Dubai authorities and government have screwed up the rules on social distancing and private gatherings at cafes,hotels and restaurants following a fasten in Covid-19 cases in the recent days.

The Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management (SCCDM) restricted the gatherings at weddings, social events, and private parties to relatives totalling a maximum of just 10 people only, whether at a hotel or at home, it will apply from January 27. The conclusion has come this friday night.
 “Due to an increased number of violations and non-compliance with precautionary and preventative measures,” The media office tweeted.

Earlier,maximum number of 200 people were allowed at gatherings in hotels, halls and events, while home parties were limited to only 30 guests.

The committee also declared some new rules like, the distance between one-table to another should be three-metres instead of two. And Included with it,7 number of members are allowed to sit in a table instead of 10.

Meanwhile,the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, Lt General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, requested residents and outcomers to fully observe preventive measures.

We can blame on gatherings and visits between relatives and friends. Specially during special occasions, for the spike in the number of reported cases of covid infecrions. He said “All members of the society need to stick to preventive measures by 100 per cent, particularly as the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is still on.”

The Emirate government has given all support to us and now it is our turn to be psychological or logistical. Lt-Gen Al Marri underlined.
“It’s time to pay back part of the debt to the Government by at least observing preventive measures and health protocols,” he said.

The Dubai Media office posted his picture receiving the vaccine on Monday.
Just four days back,Lt-Gen Al Marri received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine. He also requested everyone in the UAE to take the coronavirus vaccine. 

The Emirates authorities have not leave any efforts in fighting virus that has infected more than 95million people around world. I request people to take the vaccine to get immunity against the virus and control the pandemic.” He added.

The total number of Covid cases in the UAE as on January 22 was at 270,810. And total recoveries were more than 241,267.

Written by Martha Paul


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