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Cop28: Urgent global collaboration needed to tackle climate-linked health crisis

Air pollution, vector-borne illnesses, and extreme weather are behind a mounting death tally.

Air pollution, vector-borne illnesses, and extreme weather are behind a mounting death tally.

Addressing Climate-Induced Health Crisis

As experts highlight an additional 250,000 deaths attributed to climate change, global collaboration becomes imperative to avert the collapse of healthcare systems in vulnerable nations. 

Ahead of the inaugural health day at Cop summit, specialists emphasize the critical need for collective action to address the escalating health impacts of climate change.

Relief, Recovery, and Peace Day Agenda

A comprehensive set of solutions aims to bridge the climate resource gap, particularly targeting highly vulnerable communities affected by conflict, fragility, and climate-related crises. 

These discussions, scheduled for December 3 on the Relief, Recovery, and Peace Day, will explore financing and leveraging emerging technologies to bolster health services in frontline nations facing the brunt of climate change-induced challenges.

Harnessing Finance and Technology

Experts underscore finance and emerging technology as pivotal opportunities to upscale healthcare provisions in regions most susceptible to climate change repercussions. 

This includes areas heavily affected by community displacement, conflict, and instability, where the preservation of vulnerable health systems remains paramount.

Central Role of Health System Protection

Dr. Shyam Bishen, head of the Centre for Health and Healthcare at the World Economic Forum, emphasizes the need for financing mechanisms to safeguard vulnerable health systems. Discussions center around ensuring these systems receive pivotal attention and support in the ongoing negotiations.

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