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COP28: UAE Media Clarifies Misleading Information About President’s Role

The COP28 UAE media office acted quickly to dispel rumours about President Dr. Sultan Al Jaber's current function.

The COP28 UAE media office has taken swift action to counter rumors and misleading press releases circulating on social media platforms regarding the current leadership role of President Dr. Sultan Al Jaber.

Stating X, the COP28 team clarified that these press releases were unauthorized, lacked factual basis, and should be completely dismissed as misinformation. The team emphasized the need to distinguish between legitimate updates and false narratives.

Fake News Attempts to Undermine COP28’s Mission:

In response to the fabricated reports, the COP28 media office reinforced the authenticity of their communications channels. The team stated that the fake news is an attempt to undermine the significant work undertaken by the COP28 Presidency, as President Dr. Sultan Al Jaber highlighted in a recent press conference.

Verified Sources for COP28 Updates:

The media office reassured the public and media outlets that official news related to COP28 UAE will only be disseminated through their verified social media accounts and the designated press office. This cautionary announcement serves as a reminder to rely on credible sources for accurate information.

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